Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dark Speech

This is the eleventh of the Treasures of Albion stories, and it begins with April, the first assistant registrar at the University of Albion, having such a bad day that when local law enforcement shows up, it's actually a nice change:
"Is black magic customarily set to music?"
It said something about April’s morning that this question was actually refreshing as well as bizarre.
Of course, April now has to explain that what they have is not a death threat:
"'I will incline mine ear to the parable, and shew my dark speech upon the harp.' Psalm 49, verse 4. It's not a death threat. The Psalms are sung as part of worship, and the 'dark speech' is something obscure, hidden, like a mystery or a riddle."
It's not a death threat; it's the reaction of a student who has been cutting chapel. If he hadn't, he would have recognized the quote.

I collect strange-sounding Bible verses to use as story titles for this series, and Michael Spence and I had a lot of fun with this one. It appeared in Sword and Sorceress 30, which was published in November 2015.