Monday, January 9, 2017

A Trip of Goats

I originally started this blog to answer the question "where do you get your ideas?" Since the answer tends to be different for each story, I did an entry for each one I wrote. Then life interfered, and I pretty much stopped writing this blog. I'm picking it up again with my most recently published story, "A Trip of Goats," which was published December 6, 2016 in Misty Lackey's Valdemar anthology, Tempest.

The story starts with two Novices from the temple of Thenoth, Lord of the Beasts, out walking the goats. Goat walking is something I actually have some experience with, as I am an Associate of the Community of St. Mary, which raises award-winning cashmere goats (see their Facebook page: St. Mary's on-the-Hill Cashmere). At I write this, Sister Mary Elizabeth's Instagram video of what happens when you throw a Christmas tree into the goats' pen is still visible on the page. So I started writing knowing that you could walk a trip of goats and that goats love evergreens, and went on from there.

Misty wants me to do peacocks for next year, so I am starting work on my next Valdemar story, "An Ostentation of Peacocks."