Monday, February 22, 2016

Kobo, our new publisher

The MZB Literary Works Trust has starting publishing eBooks on Kobo (I attended their presentation at the RWA Conference in NYC last summer).

The most recent book is the anthology I edited last year: Sword and Sorceress 30.

I will start reading for Sword and Sorceress 31 as soon as tax season and my volunteer work for AARP Tax-Aide ends.


  1. I had never learned about Kobo before, and I am curious how it compares to other choices I have for purchasing your work. Lately, I have buying from Amazon and reading on Android devices. A few years ago most of my purchases were paperback books. Does your compensation depend upon the format in which I purchase your books?

  2. Personally, I buy from Amazon and read on my computer or iPod. The problem is that most eBook publishers other than Kindle use ePub format. We've been using Nook to publish our books as ePub, but Nook has just informed us that they are cutting out their non-US sales, effective March 15. So we'll be using Kobo to provide ePub copies worldwide. We want our books to be available to all the people who want to buy them. Our compensation is pretty much the same either way, we have standard prices for our books and use them for all the platforms we deal with.