Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Year's Schedule

I think that a certain amount of agoraphobia can be a positive trait for a writer. It does encourage one to stay home and work. This year, however, I am planning to attend at least two conventions. There is no CONduit in 2014--it's being merged with Westercon--so I can spend Memorial Day weekend at BayCon, which I don't think I've done in this century.

I have registered and submitted my programme questionnaire for the Worldcon, which is in London in August. I've also made my hotel reservation and bought my plane ticket, so now I have loads of time in which to get nervous about it. I think this will be my third Worldcon, but all the previous ones were in the US. Oddly enough, this convention is being held in the part of London that my great-grandfather emigrated from: East London. Yes, my great-grandfather was a Cockney. Sometime I wonder what he would think about a great-granddaughter who has a Master's Degree and is a published author and editor. He died about the time I was born, so I'll never know.

I just added a page with my 2014 schedule to my website. In addition to the conventions, I have volunteer work doing tax preparation until April 15, followed by the four-week reading period for Sword and Sorceress 29. There is a reason why the reading period runs from mid-April to mid-May. It fits right between tax season and Memorial Day weekend.

Sword and Sorceress 29 will be published on November 2, at the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. After that, I'm planning one more trip: to spend the season of Advent in a convent. By then I'm certain to welcome the peace and quiet.