Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fire's Daughter

"Fire's Daughter" was written for Elementary, the second anthology in Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters series, published today.

It's a sequel to "Fire's Children" in Elemental Magic and is about the hero's twin sister. In the course of the story, I found myself creating the beginnings of a group of women I call the "Young Girls Club." These are the Elemental Magicians who are not eligible for the White Lodge simply because they are female. I asked Misty if I could do this, she said yes, and I started planning to use it in future stories.

By the time I finished "Fire's Daughter" I even had an idea for the next story in the series I was creating. But then I found out that we're going back to Valdemar next year. So I'll table that idea (I'm sure I'll find  a use for it someday), and go back to "A Wake of Vultures," the story I had already started for the next Valdemar anthology when we switched to Elemental Masters.

If you want a writing career, you've got to be flexible.