Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trodden Down by the March of Technology

I just read the release summary of WordPress version 3.7 (October), which updates version 3.6 (August), and announces that version 3.8 is expected in December. Did anyone think Windows 8 was bad? At least updates from Windows are measured in years, not months, and you generally are not forced to update until you buy a new computer or they stop supporting your current operating system.

I am also the owner of two iPods, neither of which will run the current iPod operating system. Fortunately, both of them still work perfectly well for the things I need to do with them (mostly read my eBooks). And it's not just the hardware and software that's changing faster than we can keep up with; there's also the problem of what these changes are doing to the English language.

For example, I recently saw this post in a group I'm in:
 > I don't know how to get buttons.
 > We need a thread, I think.
 Perhaps we need the thread to sew on the buttons? Oh, how language has evolved.
The language has evolved all right; we can now make puns that weren't possible before, as each word carries still more additional meanings.

We live in interesting times indeed.