Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring cleaning

My last post, which I just re-read, was done in Advent. It is now the middle of Lent, and I still haven't found my library card. I have made some progress. The genealogy papers are now in a box under my bed, waiting until I have time to do more research. The junk table has been cleared off and re-positioned and has now become my computer desk. I am back at work on my novel (I think it's the sixth rewrite).

I am currently going through the drawer under the printer, which is provoking comments such as "Oh my gosh, I still have this thing." The particular thing in question is called "dotFIT" and is an armband that I was using when I had a gym membership and a personal trainer, several years ago. Wearing it taught me that I burn more calories when I sleep than when I sit and read a book. It also taught me that strapping this gadget to my arm produces severe skin irritation. Pause to start another bag for Goodwill. The drawer also contains expired credit cards, adapters I can't identify probably belonging to devices I no longer own, and three pairs of old reading glasses (I labelled them, so I know they go back to 2005). Pause to put them on the shelf next to my keys so that I can take them to Lenscrafters and donate them the next time I go out. They're certainly not doing anybody any good in the drawer.

Digging deeper I find another expired credit card and my "Border rewards" card. Remember Borders? Remember when "your neighborhood bookstore" was a physical location within walking distance? I like eBooks, but I do miss having a local bookstore where I could wander through and look at physical books. Deposit stamp for a bank account that was closed in 2011. Sigh.

The drawer is empty now, except for dust. I'll clean it out and put back the things that belong there: ink for the printer, deposit stamps for the current bank accounts, cleaning solutions and cloths for the computer screen and my glasses, the backup hard drive for my computer, etc. Not too much etc.

Doing this makes me wonder: how many of us have stuff forgotten in drawers and closets that other people could use? I think Lent is a good time both to ponder the question and to act on it.