Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REDISCOVERY: the search for a collaborator

Marion had a major stroke in late 1989, followed by a heart attack six months later, so it was obvious that she was going to need a collaborator for future Darkover® novels. The final choice was Deborah J. Ross, who is doing a wonderful job with them, but the first co-author Marion tried was Mercedes Lackey.

Today Misty is so busy it's almost impossible to get a short story from her, but twenty years ago she had more free time. (I helped a little bit too; REDISCOVERY was published the year before my first novel came out). Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly a seamless collaboration. Misty and I both have computer programming backgrounds, while Marion was the music fanatic, so even now I can tell who wrote which parts of this book.

REDISCOVERY was also the book where Marion's decades of seat-of-the-pants writing finally caught up with her. She had always intended for Lorill Hastur to be Camilla n'ha Kyria's father, but when the past and future timelines converged in this book, she realized that Lorill would have been two years old when Camilla was born, so her father became an unspecified Hastur uncle.

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