Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Charm of Finches

"A Charm of Finches" was written for Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar anthology FINDING THE WAY, published in December 2010. (I also have a story in UNDER THE VALE, which came out today.) Obviously I'm still getting titles from my list of interesting collective names for animals. My heroine from "A Storytelling of Crows" is now living at the Temple of Thenoth, Lord of the Beasts, in Haven. This allows her to meet a lot more people than she did living in the Forest of Sorrows.

The idea for this story came from a discussion I had with Misty about what constituted a valid religion, as both of us are aware that religions created for fictional works (the Jedi Knights, for example) can end up with real-world followers. I sometimes wonder if the Percy Jackson series and other recent books using Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse deities are causing people to start worshiping them again.

Given Valdemar's "there is no one true way" policy, it's impossible to say that a religion, however fraudulent and self-serving its origins, is not valid. This makes it necessary to find some other way to deal with its "priests."

"A Charm of Finches" is available from Kindle.