Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have spent a good part of the past month preparing TIGER BURNING BRIGHT for eBook publication. First I cleaned up the scanned file. Then, when I thought it was clean, I converted the file so I could read it on my PDA, which allowed me to find a lot more errors. It's amazing how much you notice when your screen displays about five words per line. But the truly amazing thing is that just after having gone through it twice, I still like it enough that I bought a copy for my Kindle.

TIGER BURNING BRIGHT was published in 1995. Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton had been part of a collaborative book five years earlier (BLACK TRILLIUM), and they decided to try the process again. The basic idea is simple: you have a few major characters, each author writes her character's part of the story, and one of the authors assembles the book. So Marion was writing the character of the Dowager Queen Adele, Andre was writing Queen Lydana, and Mercedes Lackey was writing Princess Shelyra (as well as several relatively minor characters). I was away at skating camp at Ice Castle (see the post for "Ice Princess") when Marion got sick again. I remember spending a lot of time on the phone plotting with Misty as I took over Adele's part. I must say that all the time I spent in a convent really paid off, as we created the Gemen (we didn't want to use Brother and Sister as titles, so we derived one from the Latin word for twin), the Temple, and the religion. Andre wrote Lydana, giving her jewelry-making skills as both a hobby and a profession to hide in, and Misty did nearly everything else. I'd e-mail my day's work to her each morning, we'd talk about it, and then I'd do another stint. It was actually a lot of fun. We've even talked about doing a sequel to it, but that would require finding some spare time in Misty's schedule, so I'm not holding my breath. Maybe someday.

TIGER BURNING BRIGHT is available in paperback, and for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.