Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pride, Prejudice, and Paranoia

"Pride, Prejudice, and Paranoia" was the third story in the "Treasures" series that Michael Spence and I have been been writing together, although Michael wrote most of this one. Like its predecessor "Salt and Sorcery" it deals with Stephen's Senior Ordeal (Michael was still working on his dissertation when this was written). Stephen's wife Melisande finally managed to get him to take it, and he failed ("I told you I wasn't ready"). So Melisande has to figure out why he failed. Unfortunately for family amity--and teenage love--it turns out that his little sister's boyfriend had something to do with it.

"Pride, Prejudice, and Paranoia" first appeared SWORD & SORCERESS 19 in 2002, and it is in the first volume of TREASURES OF ALBION.