Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daughter of Heaven

In "Daughter of Heaven" (Treasures of Albion #5), Michael and I decided to deal with Laurel's problems with the geas that kept her living with her brother and his wife: life in campus housing; not being able to work farther away than the Customs House; and the impossibility of avoiding her her ex-boyfriend. Of course we dealt with this by giving her an entirely new set of problems--and while she wanted to get away from campus, China was probably not what she had in mind.

This story was inspired by several things: a piece I saw in an exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, which we used as the Pin; an exhibit called Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty, which went from San Francisco to Indianapolis in 2008, allowing both Michael and me to see it; and a video about the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Ming Garden, showing how they brought the materials and the workmen--and the cooks--from China to do the installation.

"Daughter of Heaven" was published in SWORD AND SORCERESS 23 in 2008 and is in the second volume of TREASURES OF ALBION.