Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Salt and Sorcery

"Salt and Sorcery" is the second story in the Treasures of Albion series and the first one that Michael Spence and I collaborated on (the puns are his fault). It was written for SWORD & SORCERESS 16 and published in 1999.

This story is set several centuries after "The Blade of Unmaking" and introduces some new characters: Stephen; his long-suffering wife Melisande; and his precocious younger sister Laurel. Stephen is what my father called a professional student (come to think of it, he said that about Michael; sadly, he didn't live long enough to see Michael finish his PhD). At the time we wrote this story Michael was working on his dissertation. So we used that situation for our story, making his wife the protagonist. (Michael's wife was very helpful, and we dedicated the story to her.)

I particularly remember one discussion:
"We need to give her a motive for wanting him to take his Senior Ordeal..."
"Wait a minute, we're giving her a motive for homicide!"

Fortunately for Stephen, Melisande is a Sensitive, so no matter how exasperated she gets, she's not going to kill him. And fortunately for Michael, his wife really loves him.

"Salt and Sorcery" is in the first volume of TREASURES OF ALBION.