Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dragon's Horde

In 1997, when this story was written, Raul S. Reyes and I were both working for Marion Zimmer Bradley, which kept us rather busy. So we decided to collaborate on a story for SWORD AND SORCERESS 15, and we came up with "The Dragon's Horde." I contributed the Dragon, and he contributed the Horde. The dragon had been in several of my earlier stories, beginning with "The Birthday Gift" when she acquired (a) Princess Rowena, and (b) the idiots who kept trying to rescue Rowena, ignoring the fact that she was perfectly happy living with the dragon. So the dragon decided to outsource the problem, beginning by making a pregnant mercenary an offer she couldn't refuse.

"The Dragon's Horde" is available for Kindle and Nook. It is also part of the collection THE PRINCESS, THE DRAGON, AND THE FROG PRINCE, available for Kindle and Kobo.