Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Fathers' Gold

"Our Fathers' Gold" was written for the anthology SPACE OPERA, published in 1996. I took the anthology title a bit more literally than most of the authors and wrote about staging an opera, Das Rheingold, in space. I had spent seven years as a supernumerary (the equivalent of an extra in a movie) at the San Francisco Opera, and I had been a Nibelung (dwarf) in Das Rheingold twice, so I was familiar with both the opera and the challenges of staging it. Anyone who has ever heard Anna Russell's marvelous rendition of the plot of Der Ring des Nibelungen (a four-opera cycle by Wagner that must be heard and/or seen to be disbelieved) probably remembers that at the end of her account she points out that the whole thing could start over again. So I made my protagonist a daughter of one of the Rhine-maidens and got her involved with Hagen and Loki, which is more than enough trouble for a girl to be in.

"Our Fathers' Gold" is available for Kindle and Nook.