Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan

"Out of the Frying Pan" is a sequel to both my story "Cold Spell" in Andre Norton's shared-world anthology MAGIC IN ITHKAR and Marion Zimmer Bradley's story "The Wandering Lute" about Lythande, her mercenary magician/minstrel. Marion originally intend her story for an Ithkar anthology and used my character Eirthe Candlemaker, but Andre rejected it on the grounds that it was not enough about Ithkar. Marion did a find-and-replace changing "Ithkar" to "Old Gandrin" which proved that Andre was right, and "The Wandering Lute" was first published in F&SF magazine. Because Marion had used my character for her story, I got her permission to use Lythande to help solve Eirthe's problem: what would she do once her partner, whose curse cancelled hers, was gone?

"Out of the Frying Pan" is available for Kindle and Nook.

"The Wandering Lute" is also available for Kindle and Nook.