Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Birthday Gift

This story is based on one of my favorite fairy tales; it's about a girl who was kind to a strange woman at the well and was given a gift that made every word she spoke produce a flower or a jewel. But it did occur to me that, in real life, this might be very uncomfortable.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I don't write nice linear sequels. My stories link together in sprawls that are worse than my family tree (and I have five people who are my double second cousins). This story is followed by "Dragon in Distress" (a collaboration with Mercedes Lackey that has Tarma and Kethry as characters), which is followed by both "A Prince Among Frogs" (which is also a sequel to "Things that Go Grump in the Night" and "Weather Witch" -- which were not originally related to each other) and "The Dragon's Horde" (written with Raul S. Reyes). My characters jump from one story to another -- and sometimes from one universe to another, they hook up with my friends' characters, and they generally behave in a way that makes them difficult to keep track of. But I have fun with them.

"The Birthday Gift" is available available for Kindle and Nook. It is also part of the collection THE PRINCESS, THE DRAGON, AND THE FROG PRINCE, available from Kindle and Kobo.