Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Keeper's Price

I started this story shortly before I met Marion Zimmer Bradley.  I had been reading THE FORBIDDEN TOWER, and there was a brief mention of Hilary Castamir, a trainee Keeper who couldn't do the work because she got so sick every month. Given the fact that I spent three days every month in bed taking painkillers with vodka (I don't recommend this, but I truly didn't care if I died), I could easily identify with Hilary. I wrote the first draft of this story, and then Marion did a rewrite to make it more in line with her vision of her world. I later discovered two things: (1) I had endometriosis; and (2) one of Marion's friends when she was living in Texas had it too, which probably explains Hilary's illness. Marion always used to say "It's all grist for the mill." It's certainly true that the oddest things turn up in one's writing.

THE KEEPER'S PRICE (the anthology, which includes the story) is available for Kindle.